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Thomas Paull: It’s Fight Week!

Our brand ambassador, Thomas Paull, gives us an update from his fight camp ahead of his Cage Warriors debut against Dimitry Solemis at the O2 this weekend.

Thomas Paull Cage Warriors

I’ve not got long to go now; the fight is in sight, and everything has been building up to this weekend. This is my favourite week of the whole fight camp, as all the hard training is done and I can now just look ahead to the fight.

I will just be keeping things simple this week as I try to get myself ready to get my head in the right frame of mind before I step into the cage.

Things like my weight, tactics, and fighting technique are all under my control, which is all I need to be focused on. There is no point worrying about Dimitry yet, as Saturday isn’t here, and I would be doing myself no favours by losing sleep over it.

Ultimately, this will be one of the biggest moments in my career to date, as it’s a great opportunity to showcase my talents. As long as I can remain cool and composed, I will be alright.

The one hard thing about fight week is the 12 hours before the weigh-in. I have got to get my weight down to make the final weight, which is 66kg, for the featherweight division. 

To make sure I can do the weight, I use a salt bath, sauna, and hot blanket. Using all of these aids helps me make sure I stay on track.

Furthermore, it’s been a huge positive for me, that I have been able to manage my weight better this time around. I’m in much better shape than my last fight, which was brutal. I just have to make sure I am disciplined for this short period of time, so the fight can go ahead.

The time after the weigh-in, on the other hand, is the best. It means I can eat whatever I want, and I can fill up on carbs and meat. This moment always makes me really appreciate my food and drink. However, I don’t want to fatten myself up too much; otherwise, I might find myself becoming a super heavyweight!

Right then it’s nearly war time; Juggernaut mode is on, and I’m ready to fight!

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