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Thomas Paull: It’s All Smiles On Koh Samui

It’s my final week in Thailand, where I am currently on the island of Koh Samui.
Thomas Paull My Trip To Thailand

It’s a paradise here. I’ve had a lot of fun, and everything is not too far away. I’ve been to see the Na Mueang Waterfall as well as some of the island’s great viewing points. The one that was my favourite is the Coconut Viewpoint. It’s a beautiful place with a spectacular view.

Top-Class Gym

While I’ve been out here, we’ve all been training at the Dowden Muai Thai Gym. There are a lot of great people at the gym. They are all really funny, they have good banter, and they are great teachers too. Lots of the coaches have a lot of good experience, with some having fought in over 100 fights and have fought at a high level too.

A Lucky Escape

Koh Samui has been great to me until a few days ago. Unfortunately, I fell from a motorbike and got a skin gash on my hand. Luckily, it wasn’t a terrible fall, and I got away lightly. These things happen.

The main reason I’ve been out in Thailand is to watch Chloe and David Cooke, who are both competing in the ONE Championship.

Courageous Chloe

Chloe fought a couple of weeks ago in Bangkok, where she did well against her opponent, Hanna Palmquist, who was much bigger than her. Though she didn’t win, ONE has asked to fight at the Championship again, so that’s a positive for her.

Expect A Dominate David

Now it’s David’s turn on Friday as he fights Kohei Takegami. I can’t wait for my boy to showcase his hard work and dedication in Thailand; it’s been great to watch him. I’m confident he can get the job done.

Come on David! 

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