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Thomas Paull: I’ll Bring It Home!

Our MMA Ambassador, Thomas Paull, checks in ahead of his fight at Cage Warriors next month.
Thomas Paull

Come On England!

Man, what is going on with England? If England wins the Euros, it will be a miracle. They’ve been so bad; despite coming top of their group and getting through to the knockout rounds, is it really coming home?

I hope it does, and it will be a double victory for me. It’s just so frustrating, as I can’t do anything about it other than support them. I just hope they improve their performance on Sunday.

It’s Down To Me

So with England underperforming, it looks like it’s up to me to bring it home with my fight at the O2 next month. That’s in my control, and I just have to keep training and working hard for the next few weeks.

It’s a good thing my fight is after the final. That means people will focus on my fight and put all the spotlight on it. This is what I live for!

New Horizons

In other news, my coach Steve has a new job in Thailand. He is going to Koh Samui as a coach in the biggest gym on the island. I am so excited for him, as he deserves the opportunity.

It will also open up more possibilities for me to get out there in the future. However, before I think about that, I just have to focus on getting the job done in my fight next month.

You can still get tickets to my fight at the O2 next against Jordy Bakkes on Saturday 20th July, if you click on the link:

So that’s all from me now. You’ll hear from me again in a couple of weeks, just before the fight. P.S. Wake up, England!

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